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Vision One is a specialist market research agency helping UK and International companies and brands make better decisions and profit through a deep understanding of their markets, people and culture.

Recognised by our clients as being one of the most innovative and reliable market research companies, our expertise is in creating and developing new ideas, measuring customer satisfaction, tracking marketing performance or helping brand owners to know their customers inside out.

With local offices across the UK our team of experts are always on hand to help address your business issues. With a proven track record, our mission is simple – “To discover new insights that will help organisations improve their understanding and decision-making through intelligent business and consumer research”.


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Award winning market research companies London (UK)

With more than 15 year’s experience of working with leading United Kingdom (UK) and International blue chip organisations, we are one of the top London market research companies UK.  Our specialist marketing and business experience means we are ideally placed to help you build and track brand awareness, improve customer satisfaction or develop your products and services. Our team of market research consultants are dedicated to helping you improve your marketing communications or increase sales and your overall business performance. Gathering and interpreting consumer and business information is a highly specialist area which needs the experience of skilled professionals.

Vision One is the ideal choice for those looking for a list of leading market research companies in London and UK. All our projects  are managed from start to finish by our highly experienced directors. As member of the UK market research society (MRS) you will find us in their market research agency directory amongst many other specialist market research companies. Alternative market research agency lists, include: The Research Buyers Guide, AQR, IQCS and ESOMAR.

Market Research London

Unlike many other market research firms and consultancies, we are somewhat unique in that our we have offices in Central London (Camden), Birmingham and in the North West (Liverpool).  Our qualitative and quantitative research and insight skills stretches across a wide range of business sectors and industries. In particular, our industry expertise includes; advertising and PR agencies, financial services, food and drink, packaging research, FMCG, housing, local government, manufacturing and brands, retail and shopping, service providers and associations. Our business to business market research experience (b2b), includes; working with small business (SMEs), social and health (NHS), local and central government, housing, political and charities.

Among the leading market research agencies in London (United Kingdom), it is no exaggeration to say that we are one of the best. We are an award winning market research agency and conduct our own in-house customer satisfaction programme. Over the last four years our satisfaction level has been 99%.

During economic downturns, as recently experienced in Great Britain (GB), many businesses make the mistake of cutting back on their marketing and product development budgets at a time when there are great opportunities for grabbing market share from their competitors. Any leading market research companies in London or beyond, will tell you that in a recession their services have proved to be very valuable. Many firms tend to place too much emphasis on understanding their existing and most loyal customers, however, time and time again our experience has shown that some of the best and most actionable insights are often gleaned from talking to less loyal and committed customers.

As one of the UK’s leading qualitative market research companies, our methods tend to be rigorous, creative and provide highly detailed insights. Along with other top survey market research agencies, we use some of the most advanced analytical and statistical techniques that enable us to get to the heart of your problem.

Depth and breadth

As one of best focus group companies and qualitative research agencies, we offer UK and London focus groups, moderators, depth interviews. Our quantitative surveying methods which provide statistically robust finding include telephone and online market research survey company services using the latest survey technology – often at a fraction of the cost of more traditional approaches. Every project is tailored to our clients need. Both our international and UK surveys enable people to get paid market research London.

Our range of specialist consumer and business insight company services, include; advertising research and  advertising tracking, Business and B2B research, brand health and brand tracking research, customer satisfaction research (cSat), packaging design and packaging research services, product testing and new product development for start-ups, SMEs and large international brands.

We have offices in Camden (Westminster, Central London)) and our interviewing center is based in Liverpool and Hertford (Hertfordshire). So if you are looking for top quality or the best quantitative or qualitative market research agency in London – why not drop us a line? Our consumer and business market research company services cover the whole of Britain and the South East England and home counties, including: Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Kent, Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex.

Thank you for looking at our market research company website and we hope to hear from you soon.

If you would like to know more about our market research services or would like someone to contact you about a possible project please call us on 0203 693 3150 or send us a message.
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