Adam Lunt

Adam Lunt Client Development Manager at Vision One

Adam Lunt

Client Development Manager

A Brief Introduction

With over 5 years of experience in the research industry, Adam Lunt is Vision One’s Client Development Manager. 

Adam started his career working in the Manufacturing sector before attending Leeds Beckett University, It was here, whilst studying Social Sciences, that Adam's passion for research and strategic thinking began to develop.  Adam also gained extensive experience in the Retail and Insurance sectors before joining Vision One.

Over the past four years, Adam has proven himself and has progressed through the ranks at Vision One. Firstly, joining part-time as a telephone (CATI) interviewer, he was quickly promoted to Supervisor and after that, Manager.

And Today...

Adam's current role at Vision One Research is our Client Development Manager. His hands-on experience across the business means Adam has an in-depth and personal understanding of how the entire Vision One team and company function on every level. Adam has a warm personality and vast experience in liaising with both national and international clients. His passion for people and problem-solving ensures that he is always focused on the customer journey.

Out of work, Adam enjoys playing the drums and so his mesmeric beating on the desk at work constantly entertains the office staff throughout the day!

Recent Q&A

Following a recent interview with Emily Riley over coffee, Adam Lunt was asked whether any particular branch of research fascinates him...

"Most are pretty interesting for various reasons and have their own pro’s and cons. So I don’t favour one over another – it’s all dependent on what the clients needs are and what methodology is best suited to helping them achieve their goals."

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