Alex Brown

Alex Brown Project Manager At Vision One

Alex Brown

Project Manager

A Brief Background About Alex

Alex Brown joined Vision One in 2012, shortly after graduating from Huddersfield University. In the intervening six years he has worked across the company in a number of roles working on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative research projects. 

His current role is as Vision One’s Project Manager and involves overseeing all aspects of quantitative research implementation from survey design and scripting through to data delivery. Having a diverse research background means that Alex can bring experience to all manner of projects both qualitative and quantitative and a level of focused attention to detail that ensure projects are delivered with the client’s needs at the centre of our research output.

Recent Q&A Question

Alex was interviewed by Emily our Marketing Executive, and she asked "What branch or type of research fascinates you?"

"Consumer behaviour/Decision making. Trying to discover the moment a customer hits the point between pragmatic, rational decision making and emotional reaction – how are decisions really arrived at, are we all as rational as we like to think? Probably not. "

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