Christine Cairns

Christine Cairns

Research Executive

A Brief Introduction

Christine Joined Vision One in 2019 into a Research Executive role after completing a successful internship over the summer.

While studying at Bangor University, Christine developed a keen interest in consumer behaviour. After undertaking a Consumer Psychology module during undergrad she followed that passion to masters where Christine studied Consumer Psychology with Business. Christine said: "I found it particularly fascinating how the slightest change in the environment can have such a big effect on people and how this knowledge is used all over the consumer landscape". From her total experience at university, Christine sought after a career inside of a field that helped businesses better understand their consumers, which is why Christine applied at Vision One after seeing examples of our work and the positive affect it has on the brands we work with.

When asked about her internship at Vision One Christine said: "I really enjoyed my internship at Vision One, it provided me with a great opportunity to understand the day to day tasks undergone by a Insight Agency, i really enjoyed getting involved with projects on the back end and seeing the final product with a happy customer!" If you would like to apply for an internship please get in touch.

Outside Of Work

When Christine isn't busy working, she enjoys annoying the neighbours with my bad guitar playing, (we can vouch for that!) keeping up with the news, having games nights with my friends (reigning Trivial Pursuit champion) and attending the odd pub quiz.

At the moment Christine is currently loving the Rugby World Cup and hating that Christmas decorations have been in the shops since the August Bank Holiday.