Dominic Moore

Marketing Executive at Vision One Dominic Moore

Dominic Moore

Marketing Executive

A Brief Introduction

Before joining Vision One, Dominic Moore completed his-A Levels at The Whitby High School, Cheshire. where he studied ICT, Photography and Media Studies. Today he is Vision One's lead Marketing Executive.

Firstly, after being accepted into University, Dominic decided against furthering his education through the University route. So after a short period of studying Media, Film and Television at University, Dominic decided to go to work after leaving Sixth Form. During this time, Dominic decided he wanted to learn whilst working, and began looking into apprenticeships in the creative industries, and found a disposition towards Digital Marketing.

Dominic joined Vision One in March 2018 on a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship scheme. Dominic also had the misfortune that his apprenticeship training provider closed down midway through his training. Fortunately, he was able to finish his course with flying colours. Finally, after receiving his qualification Dominic accepted a role as Marketing Executive at Vision One.

Today, Dominic is responsible for the development and upkeep of our new website, alongside another Marketing Executive Emily Riley. We hope you like it!

Although focused on his Marketing duties, Dominic does have a strong interest in the relaunch of our Brand Tracking tool BrandVision, which delves into areas that traditional trackers don't cover.

Outside the office

Outside of the office (and sometimes in) Dominic also loves trying new restaurants. With a particular soft spot for burgers, lasagne and cheese.

So to counteract the food obsession, Dominic attempts to go the gym every day (his words not ours!) and plays Sunday League football when he isn't watching Liverpool play in the Premier League.

Finally, if you would like to find out more about Dominic, you can read his Q&A to find out more.

How to get in touch with Dominic

Call the office 0151 945 0150

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