Elle Trainer

Elle Trainer working for Vision One

Elle Trainer

Qualitative Project Manager

A Brief Introduction

Elle is an experienced researcher in both qualitative and quantitative techniques, with a dynamic outlook and a broad knowledge base of methodologies and techniques.

Through attaining a 1st class degree in Forensic and Investigative Studies, she found a passion for investigation and research, thinking outside the box and using creative techniques to find solutions to problems and getting to the bottom of those burning questions.

Elle has a background in Pharmaceutical market research in a range of therapy areas, including neurodegenerative disorders, infertility, oncology, and radiology, where she gained experience in both qualitative and quantitative environments.

Elle has experience working with studies revolving around; positioning, brand perception, market understanding, market segmentation, concept and detail aid testing. 

Out Of Office

"I worked as a Wakeboarding Instructor for 4 years, this still remains one of my passions to teach / wakeboard so I fill my spare time with that along with bouldering / climbing".

Recent Q&A

In a recent interview with Elle, Emily asked: "Is there is any particular area of research which fascinates you?"

"I have a special interest in qualitative research as I think it is key for most studies, even if it is just a small sample to inform a larger quant study or gain a deeper in-depth understanding of the consumer. For me, there’s nothing that gives you the same kind of insight as that you can get from talking directly to consumers / end-users with a well informed discussion guide."

If you would like to find out more you can read the rest of the interview click here.

How to contact Elle

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