Helen Mole

Helen Mole Senior Account Executive Vision One

Helen Mole

Senior Account Executive

Brief Introduction

Since leaving High School Helen went on to college, studying travel & tourism which led to a diploma in Air Cabin Crew.  At that time, suitable jobs were seasonal, so she started a career in ocean logistics where she gained valuable skills in sales, customer service and business development. 

Helen's Journey

Helen joined Vision One in 2020 as a Senior Account Executive working within our Business Development team. Helen works closely with our clients from the beginning, starting off dealing with your initial enquiry to the company. For example, developing an understanding of the research requirements, whilst bringing in the relevant team to deal with your enquiry successfully.

Now part of Vision One's Business Development team, Helen works closely alongside our Client Development Manager Adam Lunt. Helen works very closely with our clients to ensure smooth client handling throughout from start to finish. She is always keen to support clients and is always on hand to address any questions they might have.

Out the Office

With a passion for travel, Helen left the UK in 2012 to live in New Zealand and Australia, working and travelling her time away was just under 6 years in total. Whilst in Australia she undertook two years of study in Leadership & Management, before making the permanent move back to the UK in 2018.

When Helen isn’t busy, she enjoys spending time outdoors, exploring the homeland or at home binge-watching a good TV series.

Recent Q&A

In a recent sit-down, Helen shared her personal ambitions for the coming months…

“Although I knew more about research than I realised, I am looking forward to gaining a greater understanding of market research and what exactly customers are looking for to match their research needs so I can be better at my job and get to the root of what every client wants and how I can fulfil all their business needs by providing as much insight into what Vision One does.”

If you would like to read more about Helen you can read the rest of the Q&A.

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