Tom Cheesewright

Tom Cheesewright Applied Futurist Vision One

Tom Cheesewright

Associate Director

A Brief Introduction

Tom Cheesewright is Vision One’s lead on market trends, technology and futurology. Tom is a proven futurologist and founder of applied futurism practice, Book of the Future. He is also the creator of the Applied Futurist’s Toolkit a suite of strategy tools for agile organisations.

A Man on a Mission

Following the achievement of his degree in Mechatronic Engineering, Tom spent 14 years in the tech industry. Therefore working with global brands such as BT, EE and IBM, and subsequently founded a series of technology-driven companies.

Tom's Latest Book

Future Proof Your Business from the Penguin Expert Series will arm you with the practical skills you need to adapt your organisation so that is fine-tuned for the digital age. You will learn to collect and analyse data to recognise the early indications of change in your industry and how to convert that foresight into rapid action.

His Work

Above all, his consulting, speaking and media work helps people to see, share and respond to a coherent vision of tomorrow.

Tom Cheesewright appears frequently in the media, with over a thousand appearances across TV, radio, print and digital providing insight and analysis of the latest technology news and future trends.

Finally, his clients range from charities and public sector organisations to FTSE100 enterprises and global technology corporations. They include BASF, BP, PZ Cussons, Kellogg’s, KPMG, LG, Nikon, Sony Pictures, and the Institute of Chartered Accountants.