Retailers and businesses are increasingly using mobile marketing as the way to tap into their target audience and recent telephone market research has revealed that Brits touch their smartphones 253 times a day.

Direct Line Home Insurance has found that UK phone users, on average, spend two hours and nine minutes a day on their devices and touch them every four minutes. Surprisingly only 13 per cent of the time is for voice calls.

This means for ten per cent of our waking hours, smartphone users are playing with their gadgets, opening apps, taking part in games, sending messages, talking to people or checking their social media.

Katie Lomas, head of Direct Line Home Insurance, noted that people are using their devices for organising their lives as well, saying: “We increasingly rely on our phones to be a personal assistant – providing directions, reminding us of birthdays, handling our banking needs – the list is endless.”

The insurance provider found the most popular thing to do on a smartphone is check in to social networks, accounting for 24 per cent of daily phone usage.

After this, the gadgets are most commonly used for voice calls, instant messaging (12 per cent), system tools (also 12 per cent) and browsing the internet (nine per cent).

This comes after the market research survey which revealed 9.9 million of people planned to use their mobile phone during Christmas dinner, with 6.5 million posting photos of their food online, 3.8 million using messaging apps, and 3.2 million logging on to social media while eating.

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