Dutch tech firm Philips is attempting to alter its brand perception through a new advert focusing on its healthcare products and corporate social responsibility (CSR). The company’s market research professionals feel the organisation should be known for more than just TVs and other electronics.

As such, Philips has produced a mini-film that focuses on a group of people with respiratory illnesses who are being taught to sing by a celebrity choirmaster. The individuals have a range of conditions, including cystic fibrosis, chronic asthma, and lung collapses.

The video shows the participants gradually improving their vocals over a five-day period before singing to an audience at the Apollo Theater in New York’s Harlem. The ad is designed to promote Philips’ portable oxygen concentrator product, Simply Go Mini.

CSR is an increasingly important issue among consumers, particularly Millennials. Brands that can effectively tap into this growing trend could reap the benefits.

Eva Barrett, global head of brand marketing communications at Philips, told Marketing Week that the company had been involved in health care for over a century.

“We’re the global leader in respiratory solutions, but people are not always aware of that,” she explained. “This isn’t just about making an emotional connection with consumers but also opening their eyes a little.”

Ms Barrett added that more brands must strive for honesty and transparency to ensure consumers have a clear idea of what companies stand for.

The tear-jerking ad is just part of the company’s efforts to highlight its CSR. Philips has released 50 videos for the ‘Innovation and You’ campaign, including one ad that shows its work to lower infant death rates in Uganda.


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