If you’ve been reading the news over the last week or so, you’ll know that Starbucks has just launched its latest version of its Christmas cup. But instead of opting for the traditional snowflakes and Father Christmases, the company has instead gone for a more minimalist look, with a graded red cup that goes from light to dark red.

And what a furore it has caused. The internet has been abuzz with opinions about the cup, with religious folk seemingly up in arms about how it goes against all that is Christmassy, that it actually attacks the Christian faith because of its lack of holly and festive imagery [link].

It all began when someone called Joshua Feuerstein raged against the cup in a video that’s now gone viral. He goes so far as to say that Starbucks intended to take Christ and Christmas off their cups – and that employees are not even allowed to wish their customers a Merry Christmas.

Of course, this is unlikely to be the case – and if you do a little market research [link] of your own and peruse the Starbucks site, you’ll see they do offer lots of Christmas merchandise, from ornaments and advent calendars to their Christmas gift card.

We’re sure that the bigwigs at Starbucks are chuckling into their plain red cups right now. They couldn’t have asked for anything more than the entire internet discussing their brand in the run-up to Christmas. As they say, any publicity is good publicity, and this appears to be the way forward so that it would seem!

To avoid any controversy, we’d like to wish a Merry Christmas to one and all!

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