News coming in this week (14th July) from market research professionals has indicated that workers in the UK are unconvinced about using wearable tech devices in the office, with many concerned about providing easy access to personal data for their employers.

ADP’s Workplace Technology Insight 2015: UK and European Employees’ Perspective report has revealed that 20 per cent of employees in the UK would not make use of such gadgets at all, while 52 per cent of those questioned said that personal data access would be a concern for them.

Despite these reservations on the part of employees, however, businesses appear to be intent on featuring this kind of technology in the workplace. In all, 33 per cent are keen to use wearable tech to help them manage workloads and take advantage of productivity spikes, 33 per cent want to use it to monitor stress levels among their workers and 28 per cent would use wearable tech to monitor energy levels in the office.

“Wearables present a major opportunity for companies looking to boost productivity, efficiency and employee engagement. We can expect to see a number of new tools enter the workplace in the coming years,” Annabel Jones, ADP UK HR director, said.

Smartwatches, fitness trackers and smart jewellery could all soon become a regular fixture in workplaces around the UK – and indeed, around the world. Companies might want to get ahead of the game and see how such gadgets can be introduced in the workplace now. Take a look here to see some of the devices currently available.

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