The Hero

The Hero Archetypes Vision One

The Hero

The Warrior, Champion Or Superhero

The Hero’s main motivation is to prove their worth, and their greatest fears are failure and showing weakness. Whether on the battleground, ball field, or political stage, the Hero is determined to leave a mark on the world, and it seems like often at the risk of great sacrifice.

A Hero brand archetype promote themselves as good quality and superior to their competitors. As a result, the marketing of a Hero brand will often use powerful images and strong colours to communicate this.

The worst thing that could happen to a Hero business would be for the rival competitor to be rated higher or be proven to be better quality. On their positive side, they are brave, determined and skilful but at their worst, they can be aggressive or arrogant.

The Hero – Key Characteristics and Values

Goal: Expert mastery in a way that improves the world

Strategy: To be as strong and competent as possible

Greatest Fear: Vulnerability and weakness

Personalities: Competitor, Achiever, Coach

Key Attributes: Warrior, Competitive, Aggressive, Winner, Principled, Idealist, Challenge, Courageous and Proud

The Hero Archetype Explained:

The Hero Archetype represents brands that are very successful at producing consistent results. Furthermore, they aim to fulfill objectives and give their all to achieve their goals. This is due to their core talent being competent and courageous. Also, the Hero can often be mistaken with the Ruler as they both demonstrate a few similar qualities: power and self-confidence above all. The Hero, however, is courageous most of all than controlling. The Hero’s are winners, they are achievers that get things done effectively, in their mission to improve the world.

Hero brands will promise Quality

Hero customers value the quality and trust in their products. They like to think that their consumer choices will put them ahead of everyone else, making them less likely to be drawn in by funny or cute adverts.

BMW – ‘5 Series’

The overall aim of this ad, as a result, is to deliver strength, masculinity and inspiration. BMW has created this ad to show its consumers how powerful they really are and promote themselves to be. Featuring actor Scott Eastwood, son of famous Clint Eastwood, the ads voiceover talks about how you shouldn’t be afraid of hard work and to earn your success in mastering this world. ‘It doesn’t matter what you do in life, just be the best at it’. Almost acting like a coach and an achiever, hence BMW as a hero brand archetype.

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