The Lover

The Lover

The Idealist, The Sensualist, The Seducer

The Lover is about creating relationships and evoking emotions. No man is an island – they want to make people feel special and meet this need. They see the world in the perspective… what has love got to do with the journey we call life? Everything. Lover brands like to celebrate the physical joys of being human, fostering intimacy and bliss in their consumers.

The lover is passionate and represents anything that pleasures the senses – beautiful things, indulgent foods, enticing scents.

At their best Lovers brand archetype will be magnetic and committed, however at their worst they can be seen as people-pleasers, obsessive and shallow.

The Lover – Key Characteristics and Values

Goal: To be in a relationship with the people, work and surroundings.

Strategy: To become more and more physically and emotionally attractive

Key Attributes: Seek true love, intimacy, Sensuality, Passionate, Sexy, Seductive, Erotic, Seek Pleasure, To Indulge, Follow Emotions.

Greatest Fear: Being alone or feeling unwanted

Personalities: Harmoniser, Connector, Partner

The Lover Brand Archetype Explained:

The Lover Archetype are customers who value the aesthetic appearance of goods and services. They are likely to be drawn to premium brands that will make them seem more attractive to others.

Lover brands will promise Passion

Promoting themselves as glamorous with an emphasis on sensual pleasures. Ads will typically focus on how the product feels for the customer. If lover brands were to come across as cheap their air of mystique would be ruined.

CHANEL No5 – ‘The One That I Want’

This advertisement featuring model Gisele Bundchen just oozes romance and mystery. Chanel is a brand that’s core desire is evoking emotions through their cosmetic products and fragrances, branding itself as glamorous and living the best things in life and therefore representing a Lover brand archetype perfectly.

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