Brand Awareness Surveys

Brand Awareness Surveys

Vision One - Brand Awareness Tracking

Grow your Brand

Brand awareness surveys are one of the most important tools for challenger brands looking to grow their business FAST.

  • Track your brand’s reputation as it grows
    BrandVision is Vision One's advanced brand tracking programme helps brand owners by gathering important strategic insights into people’s awareness, thoughts and feelings about brands. Above all, it allows you to make the right decisions by keeping your finger on the pulse.
  • Stay ahead with instant consumer intelligence
    With continuous brand intelligence, above all it allows you to see the instant impact your marketing campaigns are having. In addition, it allows you to monitor your competitors closely in order to stay one step ahead.

Importance of Awareness

Firstly, it is undoubtedly true that brand awareness (aka MindShare) is the most prized asset any new or up-coming brand can hope for. As one of the five key stages of the Brand Funnel, awareness in the ultimate goal of maximising the number of potential customers a brand can have.

Why Track Awareness?

  • Provides the strategic Insights that will help you fast forward your brand
  • Helps you understand how to drive forward consideration and usage
  • Identifies customer segments requiring greater attention
  • Successfully evaluate and optimise your marketing strategy and campaign messaging
  • Ensures you stay ahead of your competitors
  • Build your growth strategy

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MindShare Measurement

About Mindshare

We measure brand awareness using our unique MindShare - one of our 9 Key Drivers of brand growth. (See our Brand Wheel for a full list of drivers).

MindShare is calculated using a combination of varied awareness measures. For instance, this includes both Spontaneous and Prompted awareness KPI. MindShare is the best measure of how immediately a brand springs to mind. Commonly, it is also one of the best indicators of familiarity and interest in the brand.

MindShare taps into the Availability heuristic. This is a mental shortcut where people evaluate a given topic, concept or brand on the immediacy in which it comes to mind. Those that come to mind more readily are those that are generally preferred or utilised. Therefore, our survey research metrics identify; First, Other, Prompted and Unaware measures for each brand examined.

Spontaneous vs Prompted Awareness

Spontaneous recall is largely regarded as the most powerful and important level of awareness for most brands because it often correlates with sales (but is often much more difficult/costly to influence). Whilst Prompted recall is often more relevant to recently launched brands trying to get their name out in the market. Therefore, as brands become more established, they tend to change their focus from raising awareness towards enhancing the relationship and Brand Emotion.

It is also important to understand what is actually driving your brand awareness and who. We recommend segmenting your target market so that you can prioritise who your communications are aimed at. Brand perception and awareness can vary widely among different groups of people (incl. age, gender, ethnicity, region, social class, shopping behaviours for example). Furthermore, looking at your brand awareness in isolation may not be that useful, understanding how it compares with your key competitors is vital to driving your marketing strategy.

Tracking Frequency

Brand awareness research studies tend to be annual or continuous (e.g. Monitoring awareness on a weekly or monthly basis for instance). Continuous monitoring has a distinct advantage over an annual (dip-stick) approach because it will highlight how your awareness responds directly to any marketing activity.

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