The Brand Funnel

The Brand Funnel

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What is the Brand Funnel?

The Brand Funnel model (also known as the Brand Pyramid), is designed to help brands grow through a series of steps.

It’s a fantastic concept that reveals the journey your customers take towards brand loyalty - helping you make better strategic decisions that drive growth. Think of the Brand Funnel as a brilliant, strategic framework that helps you to understand where your brand sits.

How far down the funnel are your customers?  Why?  What are your brand’s strengths? Where are the problems or blocks?  Why have some of your customers not moved further down the funnel to become more brand loyal?

Mapping your existing and target customers’ brand journey (and exploring the results with in-depth analysis), removes the guesswork, highlights areas for improvement and sets you on course for success.  

The funnel focuses on five key metrics - Awareness, Interest, Trial, Satisfaction and Loyalty - and is an integral part of our BrandVision approach.  It’s also directly related to 3 of our 9 key success drivers - Mindshare, Interest and Loyalty.

The Brand Funnel Or Pyramid Model Explained
The Brand Funnel Model - Vision One


Working out where your brand sits can help you to understand the challenges you face - and equip you with the insight you need to move forwards.

New brands often struggle to create Brand Awareness and Mindshare in the early days of their product’s life cycle - whereas established brands are more likely to struggle with consideration and satisfaction.

And whilst some brands deliver high levels of satisfaction, this alone is not enough to guarantee customer loyalty - especially if the brand is seen to have a low value or a weak emotional connection.

Indifferent brands tend to have very skinny brand funnels because they have low consideration, low usage and low brand loyalty. Brands that are liked (but not loved) have high consideration and usage - but without a strong emotional connection, they tend to have low levels of loyalty.

The strongest brands have the most robust brand funnel metrics, with strong Brand Emotion, purchase, repeat and loyalty scores.

The Brand Funnel model, along with its measurement and analysis, is a cornerstone of Brand Equity measurement - and a fundamental feature of most brand health and brand tracking studies.  But one key element is often overlooked.  Because customer spend can be attributed within each level of the funnel (and the number of people within each tier), the model is also a brilliant tool to measure the financial benefits of progressing customers down the funnel to become loyal customers.

How to use the Brand Funnel

As your customers move through the various levels (or emotional phases) of the Brand Funnel, you can adapt and change your strategies to optimise your Brand’s effectiveness and reach.

Understanding how strongly your consumers connect with your brand is key - it’s at the very heart of all brand health studies.  Brand Funnel analysis shows that the stronger your customers feel about your brand (satisfaction and loyalty stages), the more power and influence you will have over your competition, suppliers and customers.

Your ultimate goal, as a brand owner? To maximise the number of loyalists and promoters who will sell your brand for you.

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