The Brand Funnel

The Brand Funnel

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What is the Brand Funnel?

The Brand Funnel (or sometimes known as the Brand Pyramid), is a model designed to help brands grow through a series of steps. The funnel also focuses on five key metrics which are; Loyalty, Awareness, Consideration, Trial, Satisfaction and Loyalty as visualised in the graphic below.

The concept is a strategic framework designed to help marketers and brand owners understand how to grow their brand and understand where any issues might lie. The aim is to increase the number of customers further down the funnel and as a result to maximise the number of loyal customers.

The Brand Funnel shows the aggregated brand journey for all your existing and target customers. By mapping your funnel and with in-depth analysis you can assess the strength and weaknesses of your customers’ decision journey.

The Brand Funnel Metrics Explained | Vision One


New brands often struggle to create Brand Awareness and MindShare in the early launch of the product lifecycle. Whereas, established brands are more likely to struggle with consideration and satisfaction. Whilst some brands deliver high levels of satisfaction, this alone is not enough to guarantee customer loyalty to the brand due to poor value or emotional connection.

Indifferent brands tend to have very skinny brand funnels because they have low consideration, low usage and negligible loyalty. Brands that are liked but not loved, have high consideration and usage but without a strong emotional connection, they therefore, tend to have low levels of loyalty. Therefore, the strongest brands have the most robust brand funnels and therefore have strong Brand Emotion, purchase, repeat and loyalty scores.

Financial Measurement

Finally, the Brand Funnel measurements are a fundamental feature of most brand health and brand tracking studies because they are a cornerstone of Brand Equity measurement. Due to the fact that it’s possible to attribute customer spend within each level of the funnel (and the number of people within each tier), so the model can consequently be used to measure the financial benefits of progressing customers down the funnel into loyal customers.

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