Homebuyer Branding Research


L&Q, one of London’s leading social housing providers, was looking to explore private homebuyers in order to develop its outright sale branding strategy and proposition (including brand name and identity) and marketing communications (e.g. website, construction site and local advertising).


Vision One’s qualitative team, headed up by Tony Lewis and Victoria Wood. undertook a combination of Focus Groups and Depth Interviews with Homebuyers and Estate Agents across London and the South East. Armed with extensive stimulus and a carefully crafted discussion guide, the research explored how homebuyers perceive the role of brands in the purchase process in order to understand where our client could leverage both its branding and communications to best effect.


The client was very happy and quickly adopted some of the quick wins highlighted by the research. However, more substantial change was needed and this took a little longer to push through more significant branding issues. The following feedback was recently received (some three years after the branding research) was a perfect reminder of the quality of work we do…

“Dear Vision One research team – can you forward this to your MD Tony Lewis?

Tony, I just wanted to let you know that the excellent research you did for us a good few years ago (on the impact of brands for outright sale customers – where you detected issues with our L&Q brand) has bourne fruit!

We’ve rebranded, taking your research findings fully into account. Many thanks for your help and expertise, which helped get us to a different place – even if it took us more than three years to do it!”

Do keep in touch, Best Regards Head Of Communications (L&Q Housing)

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