Dr Beckmann Carpet Vision One Case Study

Clean Floors

Insight into the success of the Carpet Cleaner advert.

We have worked with some of the biggest and best brands out there, discovering new insights, innovating brands and products and inspiring change through the journey of research.

Working alongside Dr Beckmann, our experts in New Product Development worked closely to test out new advertisement campaigns aimed at their carpet cleaner.

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The Challenge

Dr Beckmann are one of the UK’s leading brands in household cleaning. Prior to launching a new TV advertising execution, Vision One were commissioned to conduct a pre-test advertising evaluation.

Research Approach

Vision One utilised quantitative research, incorporating our specialist AdProbe approach to evaluate the new execution against 2 competitor executions. The research was conducted online amongst a sample of relevant target market respondents who were main grocery shoppers and responsible for purchasing laundry products.

Research Findings

Our research showed that the Dr Beckmann execution had the strongest AdProbe index score when compared to the competitor adverts. The execution also scored well across a number of AdProbe’s key metrics, including Fascination, Recall and Action.

The research was well received and confirmed internal hypotheses around how the advert would be perceived by consumers. The research provided Dr Beckmann with a number of valuable insights and suggested areas of improvement prior to the adverts full launch.

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