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Evaluating the launch of a new product advertisement.

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Working with Yeo Valley was our expert team of Brand Research experts, collaborating insights of target market consumers about new advertisement campaigns and understanding opinions and thoughts.

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The Challenge

Yeo Valley is a family-owned Somerset-based diary company and the third best-selling yoghurt brand in the UK. As the nation’s largest organic brand, Yeo Valley’s product range includes organic yoghurt, cream, milk, butter, cheese, ice cream and compote. Yeo Valley commissioned Vision One to conduct an ongoing brand tracking study to evaluate their brand, monitor market trends over time and benchmark Yeo Valley against competitor brands.

Research Approach

Currently at the ninth wave, Vision One has been conducting Yeo Valley’s brand tracking research using BrandVision since 2019. An online survey is distributed quarterly to a sample of 1,000 adults who have consumed yoghurt in the past three months along with a boost sample of 250 parents of children aged between six months and five years who consume yoghurt.

Research Findings

Our research established that Yeo Valley has an incredibly strong brand equity, with the brand coming into second place in the yoghurt market. The research has also identified key brand attributes, including Britishness, which helps inform Yeo Valley’s business and marketing strategies, and ultimately differentiate the brand on the market.

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