The Perfume Shop

Improving Conversion in the UK Perfume Market

The Challenge

The Perfume Shop is the 3rd largest fragrance retailer in the UK with over 260 stores nationwide. In store traffic counters highlighted the shopper conversion may not be optimised and approached Vision One  to conduct a programme of research to help understand the shopper, their instore behaviours and identify how conversion might be improved.

Research Approach

A large scale exit programme was conducted across 15 Perfume Shop stores throughout the UK. The stores were specially selected to ensure they were representative of the entire portfolio and the segments within it.


Our research revealed significant differences between high and low conversion stores along with the customer types that are most likely to convert and identified some of the key drivers of in-store conversion.


The research was very well received and has helped The Perfume Shop set new in-store targets and implement the necessary changes to improve store conversion.