This introductory customer satisfaction video shares some of the thoughts and processes around Customer Satisfaction surveys & Customer Service evaluation.

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Transcript of the Customer Satisfaction Video:

Every business knows the importance of listening to its customer insight and satisfying its customers, recent studies have shown that it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one negative experience.

According to the white house office of consumer affairs, bad news hits twice as many ears as praise for good experience. And loyal customers tend to be worth as much as 10 times up to their first purchase. Losing customers means you must retain new ones which costs far more than retaining an existing one. So that is why successful businesses need a strategy and process to track and monitor customer satisfaction, especially in today’s climate.

We constantly innovate our customer sat surveys, and offer analysis models such as net promotor score, key driver analysis and  Apostle model.

We can also offer online reporting in time which can be customized to your precise needs. Not only that, but we offer a wide range of services from online and e-surveys to social media monitoring to telephone and face-to-face methods.

It’s fair to say that business-to-business research is largely about personal relationships, so our in-house telephone unit remains the preferred method for many of our clients. Total recall is our telephone IVR solution for measuring customer satisfaction in call centres and customer service departments.

At Vision One, we pride ourselves on our ability to be able to discover business and consumer insights. We use our expertise to develop an understanding of how people think and feel about your products, but most importantly satisfying the customers that you are consuming it. Whether you have a customer satisfaction programme or not, vision one can help you easily and seamlessly  in cooperating an affordable programme that will help drive improvements, such as high customer retention, increaser customer spend, improving word of mouth and ultimately higher growth.

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