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Focus Group Viewing Facilities Explained

What are Focus Group Viewing Facilities?

A viewing facility is a location that has been designed for hosting focus groups, workshops and market research interviews. This facility, otherwise known as a ‘viewing studio’, is typically designed for all parties, including; the research moderator, the respondents (members of the public) and also the end client who commissions the work.

These facilities tend to be very well equipped to handle a diverse range of projects and often have cooking and food preparation facilities and always ensure that the respondent is also catered for in every way. (Click here for a list of our preferred and some of the best UK Focus Group Viewing Facilities).

Viewing facilities are typically equipped with one-way mirrors (or video links in a few instances), along with the latest audio and video recording facilities. The mirror enables several clients to observe a live focus group discussion which is helpful as it allows them them to hear directly from the consumers mouth but also prepare/ask questions. Video recording facilities also allow the video to be streamed over the internet which is useful for international clients around the world who can’t attend the groups.

Note. In the UK, the Market Research Society’s Code of Conduct Guidelines requires respondents be informed at the time of recruitment that they might be observed or recorded. Participants also need to be told the purposes of the video and audio recordings and how they may be used.

In the UK many groups are conducted in home, in hotels, in offices or other central locations depending on the purpose and nature of the research and the preferences of the focus group companies. However,  in continental Europe, most qualitative market research is carried out in viewing facilities. Vision One are members of the AQR (Association of Qualitative Research) – more details can be found here.