Glossary - Vision One


Ad Hoc Market Research Surveys

Ad Hoc Market Research Surveys report on a specific marketing purpose or areas of enquiries by collecting data at one point in time from one sample. Ad Hoc Market Research Surveys are a one-off, arranged on an as-and-when basis to address a research need that the company need. Where responses and attitudes require tracking over an extended period, continuous market research surveys are more apt.

A situation that a business could occur causing the company to want to try to look into research could be their most successful product or service has declined in sales, they might be interested into finding out why this is the case. An Ad Hoc Survey is established to comprehend why there’s been a drop-in sale for themselves. This would be a good example of a one-time research project to solve a problem a company may have.

Our Ad Hoc Surveys provides excellent results providing insight into your research purpose, to read up more on our qualitative research here, or give a call at Vision One to talk to one of our directors on 0151 945 0150.