We’re delighted to be back with our first Masterclass of the year. This month we invited our marketing expert Katrina Kerr to host a training session on tips and techniques for running an Ideation workshop for the team.

The Masterclass

Here we’re sharing a brief video clip from our Ideation Masterclass for you. The Masterclasses are designed for the Vision One team and clients to hear exclusively from leading marketing and insight experts from all around the world who have shared their knowledge and ideas with us. Each Masterclass is on a different subject and is typically a one to two hour-long webinar.

In this webinar, we focused on the impact that Ideation has on brands and new product development. This includes the ability to generate ideas, techniques on how to support participants in the process of generating ideas and tips for running an effective session. In particular, this clip focuses on the importance of using both sides of the brain – engaging both sides of the brain allows for a creative but also practical view on the topic of focus. Brands who value the development of their products and services should always think about how Ideation sessions are a fun, interactive and rewarding way to evaluate your market and products to see what could be done better or where the market could use another idea. Ideation isn’t just for new product ideas, it can also be used for branding (brand name, brand promise, brand proposition and positionings) and developing marketing and advertising campaign ideas.

We hope you enjoy this brief introduction to Ideation hosted by Katrina Kerr. This session was highly rated and thoroughly enjoyed by all taking part and certainly gave the team insights into new ways of thinking and stimulating the brain – so a really big Thank You to Katrina.

We have a unique Visionary Club, where we allow members a chance to watch all of our library of the masterclass you can find out more information from our team member Adam Lunt.



What Is Ideation?

We’re specialists in innovation and disruption, Idea generation sessions called ‘Innovision Workshops‘ allow clients to field large amounts of concept possibilities with consumers and gauge immediate emotional and functional responses; its effectiveness at the earliest stages of product development.

If you’re not familiar with Ideation before or you would like to find out more, then you can read up on our Ideation page below, giving you key and informative information, or if you would like to get in touch about


Who Is Katrina Kerr?

Katrina has worked across many different business sectors, from the Civil Service to Tourism. After completing her Business School MBA, her life changed where she has since been working inside of Advertising and responsible for many successful UK and Global campaigns we all recognise.

Katrina also does some freelance work with companies such as us in some of the areas that she specialises in, and in this masterclass, we asked Katrina to help dive into the world of Ideation.


Let’s have a chat

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