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Celebrities in Advertising – Enhancing Advertising Effectiveness?

Both advertising and market research agencies have known for some time the impact of celebrity on communication as a way of improving advertising effectiveness by influencing and persuading customers to like their advertising and products. But it seems like there’s been a big spate of famous faces popping up in ads over the last couple of months.

Sharon Osbourne has appeared in the hugely popular ‘Dave’s Epic Strut’ commercial (see below) for MoneySupermarket.com. Jean-Claude Van Damme’s been in the Coors Light ads for quite some time, and recently we’ve been spotting Harvey Keitel in Direct Line ads (reprising his Winston Wolfe role), Al Pacino in adverts for Sky and even Hollywood heavyweight Sylvester Stallone in, of all things, an ad for Warburtons bread.

Now Vinnie Jones (who first appeared in an ad showing people how to do CPR properly for the British Heart Foundation a few years ago) is back on the small screen, this time signing up to be the face of a TV campaign for Kik e-cigarettes.

British Heart Foundation Advertising

Of course celebrities in advertising are not a new phenomenon to improve advertising effectiveness but the difference now is that they are often coupled with the often bizarre juxtaposition of the ads themselves (think Joan Collins in classic Snickers advert in the men’s dressing room). Did you ever think you’d see Sly Stallone on your TV advertising bread? And not just any bread, but bread made from a bakery in Bolton? Nope, neither did we.

Our advertising pre-testing research tool AdProbe, which is designed to assess the advertising effectiveness of a TV or Radio commercial, shows many of these Ads are performing very well – so if you’re after commercial success this year and are about to up your advertising budget, why not go the whole hog and get a Hollywood star or two involved? Everyone else is at it.

For more information on Advertising Effectiveness – visit the IPA which has a wealth of knowledge and numerous case studies on Advertising & Advertising Effectiveness for the UK and Internationally.