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Brand Awareness – The First Step To Your Brands Success!

Building and Maintaining your brand and creating brand awareness are vital for the ultimate success of any business.

Brand awareness is the first step in driving your brand and communications. The AIDA model, which is an acronym for AWARENESS, INTEREST, DESIRE and ACTION that is a list of events that can occur in advertising or any other form of communications including branding.

For any brand owners worth their salt, it is very essential to regularly investigate customer perceptions of your brand and the products and services, packaging, marketing & advertising that all help to create a coherent and strong brand identity. Here, we take a look at just the first part of the AIDA model, namely AWARENESS.

Fortunately for most brand owners, Brand Awareness is arguably one of the simplest measure to track and often is the first KPI (Key Performance Indicators) used to establish brand health in any Brand Awareness or Brand Tracking studies. 

There are several ways to measure brand awareness, the most popular are:

Spontaneous Brand Awareness – refers to the ability of the consumers to correctly elicit a brand name from memory when prompted by a product category.

Prompted Brand Awareness – refers to recall awareness of a brand when given the brand name (or shown logo).

Spontaneous is largely regarded as the most powerful and important level of awareness for most brands as it often correlates with sales (but is often much more difficult/costly to influence) whilst Prompted awareness is often more important for recently launched brands that are trying to get their name out in the market. Overall, as a brand becomes more established it tends to change the focus of its marketing and away from brand awareness to brand consideration and empathy measures.

It is also important to understand what is actually driving your brand awareness and who. We recommend segmenting your target market so that you can prioritise who your communications are aimed at. Brand perception and awareness can vary widely among different groups of people (incl. age, gender, ethnicity, region,social class,  shopping behaviours etc).  Furthermore, looking at your brand awareness in isolation may not be that useful, understanding how it compares with your key competitors is vital to driving your marketing strategy.

Brand awareness studies tend to be annual or continuous (e.g. Monitoring awareness on a monthly basis). Continuous monitoring has a distinct advantage over an annual (dip-stick) approach as it will highlight how your awareness responds directly to any marketing activity that may occur throughout the year.

IF you are interested in brand tracking and monitoring your brand awareness you can read more about our brand evaluation tool -  BrandVision which uses either online surveys or telephone surveying to collect the information depending on whether you are after Consumer or Business (B2B) feedback.

Otherwise to find out more information on how you can conduct research on your brands awareness, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our directors so please call us on+44 (0)203 693 3150