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Brand Slogan Quiz

One of the most important goals of any marketer is to make their brand memorable. Through the use of Logos Slogans and other marketing devices, Brand owners are always working hard to make their brand stick in your mind.

Brand and advertising slogans are important tools for marketers. They have several purposes but are mainly there to highlight your brand image and to make it memorable. A short phrase with meaning often strikes more of a chord with the customer than just the brand name alone because a good slogan helps explain what the brand stands for or what to think or feel about it.

So how well have they succeeded with their catchy (or not so catchy) slogans? Try your knowledge with our Brand slogan quiz! See if you can associate some of the most iconic straplines with the correct brand.

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A well designed and implemented logo builds trust immediately with consumers, validating your professionalism and most importantly, gets customers to stick around. How do brands do this? By grabbing your attention, making that good first impression creates a foundation of brand identity. If your logo is memorable and separates you from the competition, then you will be fostering brand loyalty from the very start.

Seperate yourselffrom your competition by having a different logo. If you are able to look different, you stand out from the crowd, meaning you are easier to identify, and could be more appealing to the consumers.

The most important part is that your brand becomes memorable. The ability to be seen as the brand associated with a market is vital. Think of your favourite, chocolate bar, then your favourite drink, and finally your favourite clothing store. That ability for a company to be engraved that deep allows you to have a heads up over your competitors.

Finally, and this one might seem obvious - but your customers expect it! It's the first thing that your audience will look when it comes to communications, it should be front and centre stage, and on all your marketinal collateral, so consumers identify its you who talking to them.