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7 Of The Best Creative Packaging Examples

Thinking outside of the cardboard box where packaging is concerned is key for brands eager to stand out from the crowd. Shop shelves are busy spaces and if you’re to beat the competition, you need to showcase your product as best you can. Here are some of the best creative packaging examples we’ve found from all over the world that could inspire you the next time you’re at the drawing board.

Water in a Box

Vivid Water

Brands eager to reduce their carbon footprint could take some ideas away from Vivid Water’s Water in a Box range, which is the first Tetra Pak water product in the UK. Although you can’t see the water itself, unlike other products out there on the market, the eye-catching and interesting design is sure to prove successful.

Görtz shoes


We’re sure that many a parent has been pestered into buying these! The packaging was designed to help promote the kids’ shoe department, with five different versions created – each with a shoelace through the beak of the bird to make it look like a wriggly worm.

Thelma’s cookies

Thelma’s Treats

Here’s an example of making your packaging really work with the product. Thelma’s is a delivery service run in the US that delivers biscuits in what looks like a cardboard oven. When you take the cookies out, it looks like they’ve just been freshly baked – which they have!

Just Laid Eggs

Just Laid

The concept behind this was to reinforce the idea of eggs straight from the hen herself, which it certainly does. The playful element of the design (of which there are three versions) is sure to catch people’s attention. It’s a great example of how a standard egg box can be transformed quickly and easily with just a touch of ingenuity.

Literal fruit juice packaging

Naoto Fukasawa

What could be better than being able to tell at a glance what’s inside the packaging? With these fun designs for fruit juice, you’ll know if you’re getting kiwi, banana or strawberry without much thinking at all. Great fun!

NYC Spaghetti

Alex Creamer

Packaging Design Research

Mr Creamer came up with this great design where the spaghetti actually became the focal point of the entire packaging. The underside of the box comes with a model of the Chrysler building that when pushed up makes the spaghetti take the form the structure. Impressive.

Soy Mamelle


This particular design of milk bottle really does stand out, there can be no denying that. It helps to convey the idea that milk from vegetable origin is not inferior to that from cows. The design of this packaging is reminiscent of a cow’s udder, which helps reinforce the idea that milk is the same, no matter the source.

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