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EU Referendum – Confused which way to Vote?

Are you struggling to see the wood through the trees or distrust what you have heard in the EU Referendum debate? As a research agency we're interested in understanding and searching for the truth. So when it comes to this EU Referendum debate, it could be said that that both sides have used 'dodgy statistics' and in some cases degraded into dishonesty.

So where should you turn?

Whilst no one can honestly say with any real accuracy what will happen if we stay or leave (i.e. there is little historical comparison to learn from) we would recommend you do what any business would or should do when faced with a problem - i.e. talk to experts. Just like many brands and marketing agencies use market research experts to help address problems or predict future sales, in the case of the EU Referendum we would suggest listening to experts (rather than the politicians).

Why Predictions are Difficult with the EU Debate

Unlike the EU Referendum, specialist market research experts are able to make accurate predictions about potential sales of a new product and adoption rates etc BECAUSE there is a lot of history for us to draw upon - it is from this historical facts that we are able to develop predictive models with a good deal of accuracy.

Listen to the Experts

Whilst Vision One do not have any strong political persuasion for either the Leave or Remain campaigns,  we would suggest listening to the likes of Professor Michael Dougan of Liverpool University who arguably understands the UK and EU relationship better than most. The video below from Michael Dougan might help - but he does express his own opinions!

So fingers crossed for whatever we decide as a nation - hopefully we'll make the best decision (Statistics shows we often guess right - wisdom of the crowds!)

Note. University of Liverpool Law School’s Professor Michael Dougan has spent his career studying EU law as it relates to the UK; contributing to Parliamentary Select Committees, advising government and now helping media fact check the barrage of assertions emanating from the Remain and Leave camps, in the run up to June 23. A transcript of this video can be found here.