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Saturday Afternoons – When We’re Most Likely To Treat Ourselves!

Brand owners need to consider prioritising their marketing messages to showcase what they’ve got to offer people over the weekends, which could be one way of boosting their profits this year, considering the fact that focus group companies have just found that Saturday afternoons are when Brits are most likely to treat themselves.

It’s all about self-reward, apparently, with the survey showing that people spend an average of £143 each month on treats for a wide variety of interesting reasons. These include having an unproductive week due to feeling poorly, waking up on the wrong side of bed, bad days at work and a hard gym session.

So what sort of things do people treat themselves with? Alcohol, perhaps unsurprisingly, is the most popular way Brits choose to indulge at the weekend, with 22 per cent opting for the pub or some wine at home after a bad day at work. Other treats include chocolate, crisps and cupcakes, while retail therapy is also an option for many – some 24 per cent give themselves a boost by hitting the shops for new accessories and clothes.

In addition, going out for dinner with friends and family is the way that 21 per cent of people choose to treat themselves. However, top treats of all time include hot bubble baths, holidays and massages, so perhaps bear this in mind if you happen to stock any relevant products and are thinking about how best to go about marketing them this year.

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