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Premier League To Overhaul Branding – Without The Lion!

We hope the Premier League will be on the lookout for a qualitative research agency [link] for some London focus groups as it has announced that it will be overhauling its branding in the coming weeks and months, even going so far as to contemplate removing the crowned lion from the logo.

Bosses at the organisation also plan to operate without a title sponsor in the year ahead to help clean up the logo, with backer Barclays set to be dropped from the new design.

According to the Daily Mail [link], a creative agency will be appointed in the next month or so, linking all the Premier League’s work under the new branding, although the name of the association will remain – unlike the Football League, which is due to be renamed as the English Football League.

Rebranding is always something that deserves an awful lot of thought and there are many pros and cons to doing it. Only consider rebranding if you’re experiencing a decline in sales and customers, if the look of your company doesn’t match what it is you’re selling, if you’re attracting the wrong kind of clientele or if you’ve recently come up with a new or altered philosophy.

It’s important that you don’t rebrand on a regular basis or you’ll end up confusing people. Brand and message need to gel well together but also need to be given time to really make their mark on the marketplace, which they can’t do if you change them all the time.

Cost is also a key consideration. Don’t forget that if you do rebrand, everything has to be changed, from brochures to business cards.