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What Is Customer Insight?

If you are looking for market research agencies to improve your company’s reach, then make sure you know what you are asking for. Customer insight is something that many companies need in order to bring their practices in line with their customer’s own needs and ultimately improve sales and profits. But what is customer insight?

Customer insight can be defined as understanding what the customer’s motivations and underlying mindsets are, and why that may mean they care for the brand.

This can be used in order to make sure that a company continues doing what it is doing well, identifies areas it could improve, and also identifies why current customer may stay loyal yet it is hard to get hold of new ones. You can read more about how important it is to have good customer insight in Marketing Week.

If you are planning marketing activity, or advertising activity it is important to have a good grasp on your customers and what motivates them to engage with your brand. If you are a charity, you will be looking at donors and beneficiaries, as well as casual supporters.

When you are planning research into gaining customer insight consider what areas you could research. Could you journey map their experiences? Look at competitors and how your customers view them in comparison to you. Can you perform research into the demographics they inhabit and also look at their behaviours in other aspects of their lives?

Can you carry out face to face interviews with your customers about their experiences of your brand?

You can get hold of some tools to understand customer insight better by speaking to Vision One about your needs.