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Do you Love or Hate Christmas?

A new market research survey by TSB highlights that one in five of us hate Christmas and we’ve been picking up similar vibes in some of our recent focus groups.

TSB figures show that one in five people apparently hate Christmas, while 29 per cent admit that they feel relieved when the festive period is done and dusted. When it comes to buying, the survey shows that 56 per cent of people have set themselves a Christmas budget, with 21 per cent keen to spend less in 2015 than they did last year – so brands might need  to showcase their offers and discounts quite heavily to attract custom in the coming weeks.

That said, some people don’t even seem to be planning to do any shopping at all. The study found that over a third (35 per cent) intend to re-gift unwanted presents to friends and family. It is interesting to note that re-gifting was higher among women – with 46 per cent of women (versus 24 per cent of men) considering doing this.

“It is great to see that people will be setting a budget this Christmas. At this time of year, things can quickly add up and when you do some simple maths, the cost of presents, Christmas dinner, travel and drinks with friends can quickly equate to a hefty sum,” head of current accounts with TSB Andy Piggott said.

Christmas is obviously on every business’s agenda at the moment, so if you want to maximise sales, consider offering free delivery at this time of year and make sure that your website checkout process is quick and simple so that people don’t abandon their shopping carts too easily.  Click on the link for full details of our international and UK market research services.