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Psychology Of Colours Logo Quiz

How well do you know your brands? The logo and its corporate identity are arguably the most important aspects of any brand. They are not only designed to attract attention, they make a strong first impression and are the foundation of a brand's identity. The most powerful brands are easy to recognise and often can be identified from their colours alone and without the brand name visible.

So why not try our Colours Logo Quiz to see how well you do. You'll also begin to see how successfully different brands manage to convey their brand through colours alone. In our test below, we've taken some of the most iconic brand logos to see if you can recognise them purely based on their colour palette without any names or shapes to give you a clue. It sounds extremely hard, but surprisingly you should find a few relatively easy. The colours brands use so important to some brands that they even have copyright claims on their colours. ,

Try your look and see how you get on!

Psychology Of Colours In Branding

Ever wondered why how we associate colours with brands? Or what emotions brands are trying to portray with the colours they choose? We have an insightful article that delves into the colour in marketing, and the psychology behind its workings. You can read more below.

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Colour offers you a quick and impactful strategy to communicate messages to the consumers without using any words. Brands and colours are linked subconsciously and are why we can recognise a brand entirely from the colour they associate with. We also link colours based on our own personal experience, creating perceptions and influencing our decision-making process. Whilst colour can have a positive impact and be powerful for brands, the same comes true of colour choices, which turn people off websites and products; which can be very hard to come back. For example, if particular brands don't feel right to have a pink logo and uniform such as Government or Law Enforcement, people have already generated preconceived expectations, which this wouldn't match. However, brands that are seen as fun and creative would be expected to be out there and more welcoming to the idea of brighter colours, such as Skittles and Pink Stuff.

The Psychology of colour in marketing matters because of the sheer amount of ways colour communicates with the buyers. With our prerequisite opinions on life, we respond best to colours in different ways. Our Psychology Of Colour In Marketing article talks more about this. There's no wonder that brands focus on colour so much, with the decision being heavily linked to the success of the product or service. Imagine two of the same products are in front of you right now, one in a colour scheme you enjoy, the other in your least favourite colour. If there is no difference in the product or service in terms of quality, or the price is comparable, chances are you will select the packaging you prefer purely on colour. That's why we believe Packaging Research to be one of the most important parts of the Product Development journey.