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Research shouldn’t be boring, and quizzes are a great way to inject fun and add gamification into the research process. At Vision One we have a wide range of research methods and tools to better understand people and their relationship with brands. Here are just a few examples of how research and quizzes can help you learn more about your brand and customers.

We believe research should be an enjoyable and enlightening experience for all participants. So we’ve developed some quizzes that we think you will love to try! So sit back and enjoy and see how much you really know.

Through quizzes, you can test your knowledge with some fun and interesting topics. Each quiz is designed to explore different themes and aspects. If you have played ‘The Logo Board Game‘ from Drumond Park then you will understand the concept. Our quizzes involve simple games from guessing the logo through to more psychologically abstract ideas such as ‘Brand Archetypes’ designed for brand owners to evaluate and understand their Brand Archetype.

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Fast Food Logo Quiz

How well do you think you know your Food and Drink restaurants? Care to put that to the test? Try our Fast Food Logo Quiz! See if you can recognise…

Brand Slogan Quiz

Brand’s try and create wording that sticks in your mind, so how well have they succeeded with their brand awareness? Try your knowledge with our brand slogan quiz! See if…

Psychology of Colours Logo Quiz

Certain brands are easily recognisable to everyone, right? Well, what if we put that to the test? Try our Psychology Of Colours Logo Quiz!

Quizzes are seen as fun and interactive, but there’s a serious side to them too! Brands across the globe are working hard to win your hearts and minds, and their brand is the most important asset to them. Trillions of dollars or pounds (whatever your currency) are spent investing in brands and marketing, so it’s essential for brand owners to track their brands.

For example, logos are the most recognisable elements of a company. This is why the world’s most prominent brand logos are engraved in our minds. This is the goal for most, if not all marketers.

But brand and marketing research is more than just logos – it can be Pack designs, advertising jingles, straplines, and so much more. Go to the supermarket and look at them – you’ll notice how the brands you choose or even the brands that you are aware of will stand out the most. The colours they use and the packaging style they have created are designed to pop. Brands are fighting for your attention, and your brain at first glance will not register everything in front of it, only what it recognises. Only after this do you start to notice the competitors; however, at this point, you may have already made your purchase intention decision.


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