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Advertising Pre-Testing Research – Fruit Juice

AdProbe Advertising Pre-testing


Our client, an international food manufacturer with a broad portfolio of fruit juices that range from breakfast juices to speciality health juices. After many years without TV advertising our client wanted to support one of its key brands with above the line advertising. The client developed three different creative executions, which were tested in animatic form.


Using our AdProbe advertising pre-testing research method we conducted a monadic test on each execution via an online survey amongst target market shoppers. Our method also incorporated eye-tracking technology that measured emotional responses to the advert in real-time.


The AdProbe research identified two adverts that could perform well. However, we recommended an execution which had an impact that fitted more closely with the client’s strategy plans for the brand.


The advert identified by the research was filmed and launched with modifications to improve performance and cut-through.


The advert was an instant success and increased sales and its highly creative execution created positive word of mouth and ‘buzz’.