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Some 20 years ago, British Airways, once synonymous with air travel’s glamour and prestige, found its position under attack from the arrival of budget airlines.  Today, Easyjet carries more passengers than any other UK airline, flying over 63 million people to their destinations. Second placed British Airways flew around 42 million. We took a look at measuring brand equity British Airways alongside other key airlines.


Our innovative brand tracking and brand equity measurement tool BrandVision was used to measure some of the UK's leading airline brands.  At the heart of BrandVision is the Brand Equity Wheel - a unique and powerful brand equity tool that measures 8 key brand components across 4 key dimension (Brand Pyramid, Brand Stature, Brand Utility and Brand Delivery).

The 8 key metrics are shown below:

Measure Brand Equity with Brand Equity Wheel


The Brand Equity Wheel highlights that British Airways is strong on the Brand Pyramid - with higher than average levels on both Interest and Loyalty. It also has the ability to command a price premium with a high £Value rating. It's weakness is a lack of uniqueness (i.e. quite generic) but also fails to fully deliver meet customer needs. In contrast, EasyJet performs very highly on meeting needs as Good Value is rated the most highly

Note: Click here for the full British Airways report and to download the infographic and pdf.