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For many people, awareness of the work that charities do begins at a young age. School-based collections and sponsored activities give an early introduction to the idea of donating time and money to others.

The effect, it seems, stays with us. According to the Charities Aid Foundation, the UK is the most generous nation in Europe, and there are around 170,000 registered charities in England and Wales alone.

In spite of recent political uncertainties, charitable donations remain reasonably stable, although this means that charities must work hard to raise awareness and attract their share of all this generosity. There are many factors that can help or hinder a charity’s efforts, but just as in the commercial world, brand equity plays a vital role in the success, or otherwise, of this task.


Our innovative brand tracking and brand equity measurement model BrandVision was used to measure some of the UK's leading Charities.  At the heart of BrandVision is the Brand Equity Wheel - a unique and powerful brand equity tool that measures 8 key brand components across 4 key dimension (Brand Pyramid, Brand Stature, Brand Utility and Brand Delivery).

The 8 key metrics are shown below:

Brand Wheel Cancer Research Vision One


The Brand Equity Wheel highlights that Cancer Research is extremely strong on all 4 key dimensions - with particularly high levels of Satisfaction, Leadership, Interest and Added Value (£ value). It's weakness is a lack of uniqueness (i.e. quite generic) and customer loyalty.

Overall Brand Equity score is 65 and highest of the brands evaluated with British Heart Foundation tied on 65, and Royal British Legion not far behind.

Note: Click here for the full Cancer Research report and to download the infographic and pdf.