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Branding Research – Children’s Charity

Brand Research and Strategy Development


Our client is a well known Children's and Young People’s charity who tendered for services from Local Authorities. The charity was using donor support to provide the commercial services and pressure on funding meant this could not continue and they needed to evaluate how they provided and funded these services.

We were also asked to help the charity to identify their target markets and the areas of need (demand) - to ensure the services they were developing were commercially viable.


Our approach incorporated an extensive programme of research which included a comprehensive review  of the organisations commercial services provisions. The programme included; internal workshops, market analysis, commissioner’s depth interviews and a quantitative market sizing survey.


The research highlighted the need for the charity to restructure their organisation to help focus on specific areas and revenue streams. In particular, the research successfully identified which services they charity could provide and the market potential for these services.


The charity was able to restructure and focus resources on the ‘big’ commercially viable services which had been identified in the research. Further market sizing research was conducted over the next 3 years to ensure the development of services were in line with market needs and the size of the opportunity.


The client was quickly able to target specific opportunities and develop the expertise and become the 'go-to' service provider for a range of Children and Young People services.