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Our client provides IT software solutions to central Government departments to improve workflow. Historically business growth had almost entirely been based on recommendations with little or no marketing. Anecdotal feedback from clients had been positive, but the lack of any formal research meant our client had little to go on in order to understand their strengths and how they compare with their competitor, or address the areas they needed to improve.


Using our powerful c-Stat approach for measuring customer satisfaction, we developed a telephone-based programme of research which incorporated a measure of reputation to help the client understand awareness across the whole Government departments in which they provided services.


Encouragingly customer satisfaction for the client and their services was rated highly by their clients - high levels of endorsement and empathy were recorded. However, the research was able to identify several key areas where the client could and should improve, in particular specific areas of communication.


As a result of the project the client is reviewing how communications are handled with their customers to ensure they are seen to be proactive in addressing customer needs.


The client has introduced a new communications template which is currently being rolled out and will be repeating the research in 12-18mths to measure their performance.