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Our client, a social housing provider, was looking to adopt a new approach to monitoring tenants’ customer satisfaction – as previous studies had failed to provide any real actionable information. Developing a new approach was essential in the light that the market for social housing has changed in recent years and the fact that competition in the sector had also increased.


We have developed a flexible approach to customer satisfaction that has a transactional driven methodology at its heart. This ensures results are meaningful and we only measure those tenants who have experienced the service for greater accuracy and reliability.


At the heart of the approach is a continuous satisfaction survey to measure general satisfaction with the landlord and associated metrics. This provides the client with a continuous measure of customer satisfaction for benchmarking and providing an early warning system if ratings start to fall. Bespoke surveys are conducted to measure satisfaction with different services.


The client has adopted the new transactional survey approach, which has ensured it is more proactive to the needs of the organisations and overall underlying satisfaction is beginning to show signs of improvement.


The tenant tracking service is successfully helping to provide more bespoke and actionable feedback. We have also successfully managed to help reduce the overall research programme cost to provide savings on the previous research approach that was being implemented.