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How to take part in Paid Focus Groups London, Birmingham & Manchester

How to take part in Paid Focus Groups?

Market research agencies and focus group companies like Vision One are always on the lookout for new participants to take part in paid focus groups. We conduct groups across the UK but we are currently particularly interested if you live in London and the South East, West Midlands (e.g. Birmingham) and the North West (e.g. Manchester and Liverpool). Click here for a list of our latest paid focus group and other market research projects where we are currently recruiting.

Focus groups are fun and an important way for businesses and organisations to learn about the public and to help test & develop new products and ideas before they are launched – and you can help with this important process and get paid at the same time.

For example, taking part in Focus Groups is very popular as it can pay decent amount for an hour or two of your time. The incentives you receive will vary from project to project but as a guide we pay between £40 and £100 for most consumer studies. For Business (B2B projects) when talking to specialists (e.g. Doctors) or senior management (E.g. IT Directors) incentives can rise up to as much as £200.

The process is very simple, as outlined as follows:

  • Sign up to our consumer panel You-Say
  • Receive regular emails notifying you of new paid research studies and opportunities
  • Apply if you are interested, you will need to complete some short questions and submit your answers.
  • We review the responses and get in touch with those we feel are suitable.
  • If contacted, you then need to answer more detailed questions over the phone
  • We will confirm the participants and provide details of the venue/project and the amount
  • You receive your cash incentive on the day of the focus group or on completion of the research

Please note that if you are not chosen for a particular project, every project is different and has different selection criteria so please keep applying as there will be a focus group or other market research or usability testing for you in the future. You will also be invited to take part in online surveys which also pays and increases your chance of being selected for focus groups.

Click here if you would also like to take part in online surveys