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International Retail Research


Our client is an expanding women clothing retailer based in the UK offering both online and retail store channels. Whist their focus has been on the UK market in recent times, the strategy is now focusing on expanding their business into overseas markets.

The client has experienced significant sales coming from both the US and Australian markets without specific targeting and approached us for our international and retail research experience to help understand the opportunities that these markets have to offer.


A U&A (Usage and Attitude survey) research programme was developed to understand the customer attitudes towards fashion and clothes shopping and explore how the client’s brand fit in. In particular, it was important to establish the potential for the brand within the competitive landscape.


It was discovered that both markets offer the brand significant opportunities which will be enhanced by a localised fulfilment resource. The level of competition (especially off-line) in the USA was higher than that recorded for Australia and as a result there was a greater appetite for the client’s brand in Australia.

In addition, market segmentation helped the brand to better understand their customers’ needs and align specific customer groups to their products and services.


For further success in the US, it was identified and agreed that there was a clear need to have a localised presence, whilst several key actions were identified for a quick win in Australia.


The brand continues to grow in both markets and they are currently investing further in developing an Australian distribution and fulfilment hub.