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Meet our Project Manager Elle!

This month we welcomed Elle to our team and sat down to discuss her role and her experience of working within the market research industry and her new life at Vision one.

About Elle

Elle joined Vision One as our qualitative project manager after previously working as a research executive conducting research within the health care industry. When not working you may spot her wakeboarding, climbing or even playing the ukulele!

Before Joining us you worked in research and now you’re continuing your journey… is there any particular area of research that fascinates you?

"I have a special interest in qualitative research as I think it is key for most studies, even if it is just a small sample to inform a larger quant study or gain a deeper in-depth understanding of the consumer. For me, there’s nothing that gives you the same kind of insight as that you can get from talking directly to consumers / end-users with a well-informed discussion guide."

In this ever-changing world, what do you feel will be the next industry trend or obsession?

"I think personally, the gamification of online survey research has a lot of potential in market research.  Without careful consideration, lengthy or repetitive surveys can be tedious and cause fatigue, so the more engaging and ‘fun’ it is, the more potential there is to increase the quality of customer response and willingness to take part in the research. But more importantly, it has the ability to encourage more emotional System 1 responses which can provide new insights not possible through the traditional question and answer style format."

And the biggest threat?

"Whilst customer insight has never been more important for companies, we are now facing a market where people are constantly overwhelmed with survey invitations in their email inbox, therefore leading to a low response rate. We need to utilise platforms such as WhatsApp and apps to keep up to date with current consumer activity."

Is there anything that has been exciting you so far this year?

"Beginning my journey with Vision One, coming from a pharmaceutical market research background, I am excited to get involved with the exciting world of consumer insight in a range of vastly different sectors and Vision One’s great client list."

Going forward, do you have any personal ambitions for the coming months?

"I really enjoy being active and it may surprise some to know I was part of a cheerleading team at University, but I have had to take a break from tumbling due to an injury to my knee. So over the coming months, I would really like to get back into it and re-learn how to do backflips!"

To find out more about the team visit our meet the team page. Alternatively, you can find Elle on LinkedIn.