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Meet Our Client Success Executive Eleanor Holton

We've expanded our team recently and would like you to meet Eleanor Holton, our Client Success Executive! Eleanor joined us at the tail-end of 2021, so we decided to sit down and have a quick chat about how she's found Vision One so far.

For those who haven't had the chance to interact with Eleanor, she has joined Vision One, to help support and develop our quantitative data analysis and reporting across a wide range of projects such as Brand Tracking.

About Eleanor

Why a career in market research?

Having completed an undergraduate degree in Psychology and recently finished a research masters in Evolution and Human Behaviour, I knew research was something I wanted to continue. Market research seemed like a great opportunity use my skills to provide evidence-based insights to clients across a diverse range of fields. 

How has your time at Vision One been?

It’s been great! I think I have settled in well and enjoyed getting to know the team. I am lucky to have joined at a time where I have been able to come to the office and meet everyone in person too! I am looking forward to learning more over the coming weeks and taking an active role in our current projects.

What brand or type of research fascinates you?

For me I am fascinated by understanding human behaviour, why do humans behave the way we do? We are often much less rational than you might originally predict, therefore understanding the nuances that can affect behaviour is fascinating. These insights are key for understanding many aspects of consumer behaviour, reaction and purchase decision making.  

What is the next industry trend or obsession going to be?

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a shift in consumer behaviours and introduced new trends. To name a few, I feel it has accelerated digitalization across a wide range of sectors, increased focus on health and wellbeing and placed greater importance on home improvements. For many industries, consumer research will be important for understanding how to adapt, respond and capitalize on these trends.

Any book recommendations?

I would recommend a book I recently read called This Is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay who is a doctor and comedian. It is a compilation of his diary entries from his first few years as a junior doctor. His glimpses of what life is like working on the NHS front line tell some hilarious and some heartbreaking stories, I would really recommend!