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Jas Gidda, Director

Meet Jas, our Quantitative Director!

This week I spent some time out the office with Jas discussing his experience of the market research industry and his journey over the past 30 years. 

About Jas

Jas shifted his focus from the agency side to the client side when he joined up with Tony Lewis and Vision One 18 years ago. With an MBA from Cass Business School, Jas now heads up our Quantitative projects and services. When not working you may occasionally hear him from Pride Park Stadium cheering Derby County on.

What do you think is the most interesting project you’ve ever worked on?

"There have been numerous projects, but the one which always sticks in my mind is the first ever research project I worked on (many, many years ago) and the reason why I decided to build a career in research. The project was for Haagen-Dazs and their launch into Europe (shows you how long ago that was). It was a pan-European hall test project – obviously involving tasting!"

Jas Most Interesting Project

As it's our 20th anniversary, a lot has changed over the years in terms of trends, so what do you feel is going to be the next big industry trend?

"AI in research is going to revolutionise how we use and interpret data. From creating transcripts through to analysing data and identify trends – machines will start to do what we humans currently do! However, there is an opportunity therefore to add more value in human interpretation."

What’s your personal ambition for the coming months?

"We had a great couple of years and are now recognised as one of the fastest growing insight agencies  - so I obviously would  like to carry on and am looking forward to working with new clients and the interesting challenges that they bring. On a more personal note I’m looking forward to sorting out the Vision One hike up Snowdon!"

We recently held our first book club meeting; is there any other book recommendations you have?

Measure What Matters – John Doerr

"John Doerr is a venture capitalist and among the early investors of Google. He developed over the years a framework for goal setting which is aimed at helping any organisation find the proper way to set goals and achieve strategic results for the sustainable growth of the business."

Any stories that you can tell us about yourself?

"I suppose the main work-related story is the project which we did for Hertfordshire County Council (many years ago) who were the lead-council for a national initiative to move school applications online. Following months of research the launch of the service was held in the Terrace Bar inside the Houses of Parliament – Tony and I were invited guests."

To find out more about Jas visit our meet the team page. Alternatively, you can find Jas on LinkedIn.