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UK Mobile Network Research Study


If the rise of the internet changed the world, the arrival of the smartphone sped up the revolution. With 80% of the UK population going online regularly in 2017, almost four out of every five internet users do it via a smartphone. These near-ubiquitous devices are the communications success story of the last decade, with 42.7 million UK smartphone users this year. Although the growth is likely to slow as penetration increases, it is thought that over two-thirds of the population will be using a smartphone by 2019.

But where there’s a smartphone, there’s a network, and the UK is dominated by four network providers: market leader EE with a 30% share, along with O2, Three and Vodafone.


Our innovative brand tracking and brand equity measurement tool BrandVision was used to measure some of the UK's leading Mobile Providers.  At the heart of BrandVision is the Brand Equity Wheel - a powerful brand equity tool that measures 8 key brand components across 4 key dimension (Brand Pyramid, Brand Stature, Brand Utility and Brand Delivery).

The 8 key metrics are shown below:

brand equity giffgaff


The Brand Equity research study highlights that Giffgaff is extremely strong on the Brand Delivery - with higher than average levels on both Satisfaction and Promotion (Net Promoter Score). It also has the ability to command a price premium with a high £Value rating. It's weakness is that it is still a relatively young brand and hasn't yet managed to grow sufficient interest and loyalty on the Brand Pyramid. To a lesser extent it lacks of uniqueness and distinctiveness.

However, it is the brand with the highest brand equity and set to continue growing for the foreseeable future. In terms of the competition, O2 is very close behind in terms of brand equity.

Note: Click here for the full GiffGaff report and to download the infographic and pdf.