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Q&A with Charlotte Baird

Our latest introduction to the Vision One team is Charlotte Baird, our Head Of Qualitative! Joining our team at a very exciting time, heading up our Qualitative Team to uncover some interesting and actionable insights. We spoke to Charlotte to find out a bit more about her and the new research aspects.

About Charlotte

What is your greatest achievement?

Apart from my PhD, it would have to be going back to studying while working full time and having two small children. I achieved my CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing as I turned 40, from Leeds Business School.

What areas of research fascinates you?

I find understanding consumer behaviour fascinating – what, why, when, and how, and I enjoy all forms of Qualitative Research – especially in-person Focus Groups, which are a welcome return since the pandemic.

What is one goal/ambition you still wish to achieve?

I have never run a marathon – I have done some half marathons sub two hours, so would love to run the London marathon and would be happy with anything sub five hours!

One TV programme you can’t miss?

I have been watching Casualty since it started in 1986 and am still hooked 35 years later. I feel Charlie Fairhead and I have aged together!

What are the most important industry shifts impacting companies in the future?

If I had to select three it would be People & Planet, the Metaverse, and the growth of Robotics and Automation in the food and beverage sector. All of these are driven by powerful over-arching macro trends which are impacting everyone and everything in our daily lives and will continue to do so and shape our future.

Food Heaven and Food Hell

Her favourite is Thai food, but she enjoys cooking most things and experimenting – must be the scientist still left in her! Food hell would have to be Oysters – tried once and that was one time too many!