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(Video) Join You-Say – Get Paid for Taking Part in Online Surveys and Focus Groups

Join You-Say Today - Start earning cash from Online Surveys and Focus Groups (Paid Surveys UK)

You-Say is Vision One's research community where members of the public can participate in a range of research studies and get paid cash for their time.  This short You-Say video introduces You-Say and highlights what you need to know and do to join You-Say.

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Transcript Of "You-Say" Video:

Introducing You-say, You-say is an innovative community, where you can sign up and get involved with a range of research projects that are taking place across the country. You can take part at home, or on the move. You'll have the opportunity to get involved in an exciting range of projects which include online surveys, focus groups or shopping trips and video diaries. You'll earn cash for every project you do for us, other companies tend to pay using vouchers. But not only that, research is fun. Most people find our research really interesting and discover new things and you may be required to help with new ideas and solutions or have the opportunity to experiment with new products that have not yet hit the market. We try to make it as easy as possible for people to take part with three easy steps. As long as you are 16 or older, joining the Vision one community will be quick and easy. Step one,sign up on the you-say website to activate your account. Step two, we will send you surveys relevant to you and step three, complete the surveys and we will pay you. So, come and join the millions of people that take part in surveys and be apart and be apart of Vision One's You-say community for free, easy and rewarding. Simply signing up also ensures you have the chance of winning a random spot prize, so join today. Follow us on Facebook and we will notify you of any relevant projects.