Giving Back

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Giving Back

Like any insight and research agency, we rely on the goodwill of the general public to help our clients and our partners. Without them we would not be able to exist or function. For this reason, we like to show our appreciation by helping or giving back to the community.

This year, we have signed up to VirginGiving and have five chosen charities for the year that we try raise as much money as possible to help. This year we have chosen some of Britain's favourite and most popular charities, which include: The Royal British Legion, Save The Children, Mind, Marie Curie and British Heart Foundation.

Money Raising

There are several ways we help give back to the community and help those in need.

  • Twice a year we plan to take part in a charity event to raise money, and to give our hardworking staff a chance to escape the office for a day! (The next even is Snowdon Night Time climb for Marie Curie)
  • When we run focus groups, depth interviews, telephone and face to face surveys we often offer a cash incentive to Thank respondents for their time and for taking part. We also give respondents the option to donate this incentive to charity.
  • Later this year, as a company we are also planning to make a donation every time someone completes a survey questionnaire or interview. This will be calculated and paid annually but may vary depending on events we might be undertaking
  • We welcome the support of our clients and the general public to help us raise money

Donate Below!

Below we have our 5 chosen charities, each with a brief description of who they are and what they’re raising money for. There will be a link to their Virgin Giving Page where you can donate towards our goals.

Each page has a counter which is updated weekly to how we’ve done so far, we hope you can add to the total!

Amount Raised

0Marie Curie
0Save The Children
0The Royal British Legion
0British Heart Foundation

If you can think of some incredible charities that we should donate to next year, please get in contact with us and put forward the case and we may choose them! 

If you have any ideas or suggestions for Vision One to raise money for our chosen charities then please get in touch using our button below, we're open to any and all wonderful ideas!